(i) To prepare consolidated programmes in the sphere of Higher Education in the State in accordance with the guidelines that may be issued by the University Grants Commission from time to time, and to assist in their implementation, keeping in view the overall priorities and perspectives of Higher Education in the State;

(ii) To assist the University Grants Commission in respect of determination and maintenance of standards and suggest remedial action wherever necessary;

(iii) To evolve perspective plans for development of Higher Education in the State;

(iv) To forward the development programmes of Universities and Colleges in the State at the University Grants Commission along with its comments and recommendations;

(v) To monitor the progress of implementation of such developmental programmes;

(vi) To promote cooperation and coordination of the educational institutions among themselves and explore the scope for interaction with industry and other related establishments;

(vii) To formulate the principles as per the guidelines of the Government and to decide upon, approve and sanction new educational institutions by according permission keeping in view the various norms and requirements to be fulfilled;

(viii) To suggest ways and means of augmenting additional resources for Higher Education in the State;


(i) To encourage and promote innovations in curricular development, restructuring of courses and updating of syllabi in the University and the Colleges.

(ii) To promote and coordinate the programme of Autonomous Colleges and to monitor its implementation.

(iii) To devise steps to improve the standards of examinations conducted by the Universities and suggest necessary reforms;

(iv) To facilitate training of teachers in Colleges and Universities;

(v) To develop programmes for greater academic cooperation and inter-action between University teachers and College teachers and to facilitate mobility of students and teachers within and outside the State;

(vi) To conduct entrance examination for admission to institutions of Higher Education and render advice on admissions

(vii) To conduct sports, games, physical education and cultural activities in the universities and colleges;

(viii) To encourage extension activities and promote interaction concerned with agencies with regional planning and development;

(ix) To prepare an overview report on the working of the universities and the colleges in State and to furnish a copy of the report to the University Grants Commission.


To advise the Government:

(i) In determining the block maintenance grants and to lay down the basis for such grants;

(ii) On setting up a State Research Board so as to link research work of educational institutions with that of the research agencies and industry, keeping in view the overall research needs of the State;

(iii) On the statutes and Ordinances to various Universities in the State (excluding Central Universities) and on the statutes proposed by the Universities in the State.

(iv) To work in liaison with the Southern Regional Committee of the All India Council for Technical Education in the formulation of the schemes in the State;

(v) To make new institutions self sufficient and viable;

(vi) On the policy of ‘earning while learning’

(vii) To perform any other functions necessary for the furtherance of Higher Education in the State.

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